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Training and coaching

More than two decades of action research, with members running GAP programs in 20+ countries, gives a broad theoretical and practical base. We offer the resulting methods, skills and tools to all practitioners, on a Creative Commons basis.


Methods are general but sustainability content needs cultural adaptation. We train and support our partners to rapidly develop their own content.
Books, videos and other documents based on our methods are available at low cost or free.


We partner with our member organizations to tailor and improve programs.
We partner with business and other organizations to enhance impact and scale up.

Join us.

Clearly sustainable

Victor Branagan of SustainED in collaboration with GAP International, is launching a series of podcasts which explores the use of English language words and terms used when discussing sustainability. It’s about a spoken journey through how terms are used and some of the common misunderstandings or wrong uses of such terms.

Check out www.clearlysustainable.com, learn more about the podcasts and listen to the first ones to get the flavour.

EarthEd: State of the World 2017

We're proud to be part of this illustrious publication, released on 20 April. There’s something here for every educator. Don't miss our chapter on the use of comics in Education for Sustainable Development. 

Appetite for Food Action? It’s a FAct!

GAP’s international food program can help you to make a difference.
For starters, here are 7 surprising (and disturbing) FActs about the food you eat.

Report of Annual World Resources Forum Conference 2015 is now out!

The complete report of the annual WRF conference which was held in Davos Switzerland on 11-14 October 2015 is now available for download here. The event was highly successful with 600 participants representing 110 countries attending and actively contributing.

FAct! Project Launching in Italy












Our Italian partner, InEuropa, is launching FAct! (Food Actions!) project today at San Prospero municipality. FAct! is a part of the Erasmus+ program, created to answer the challenges and problem related to food as highlighted on several occations by the European Commission itself. FAct! is build on GAP International's pilog project 'Food-wise Community' and is a partnership between Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

GAP International Endorses The Basque Declaration

At the recent ICLEI Sustainable Cities conference in Bilbao, we were represented by Carlos Oppe, chair of our Board, from GAP Spain. We're now happy to endorse a major outcome of the conference: the Basque Declaration. The Basque Declaration outlines new pathways for European Cities and Towns to create productive, sustainable and resilient cities for a liveable and inclusive Europe.The document aims to support and accelerate socio-cultural, socio-economic and technological transformation. The Basque Declaration was acclaimed by the participants of the 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns held in the Basque Country from 27-29 April 2016.

The Basque Declaration also calls for active engagement of civil society therefore individuals are welcome to participate. You can endorse the declaration by clicking here.

Don't miss RCE West Summer Seminar on Agenda 2030 and Learning for Change!

RCE (Regional Center of Expertise) West Sweden is organizing a summer seminar on 19-22 June 2016. The general theme of the annual summer seminars has been 'Sustainability and Interculturality' and this year's focus will be on the Agenda 2030 plus the 'Learning for Change' workshop led by our very own Head and Development Training, Marilyn Mehlmann.

Contact Miriam Sannum, miriam.sannum@sv.se or Marilyn Mehlmann, marilyn@globalactionplan.com for more info.

Get the invitation to the summer seminar here.

Annual Members Meeting and AGM report

On 12-15 April 2016, GAP International held its annual Member Meeting and AGM in the beautiful town of Monteveglio. And now the report is here!

International Members Meeting and AGM

International Members Meeting and AGM 2016 in Monteveglio

GAP International had its international members meeting together with AGM (Annual General Assembly) in Monteveglio, Italy from April 12th-15th. Eleven countries were represented during the event with participants from both organization and personal members of the GAP International network. Daily agendas were tight with AGM related activities and formalities but also very productive at the same time.

EVS Opportunity for Belgian Volunteer

GAP International together with VIA Belgium (sending organisation) are looking for a Belgian volunteer for our GAP Academy project starting from August 2016. The project is 12-month long and already received funding approval from Erasmus+.

Summary of the project:

Global Action Plan (international) and it's member-organisations has carried out many different local projects, each with an action-research component, to empower, coach and train citizens to live sustainably, leading to a more sustainable society. The tools used are constantly evolving based on experiences and input. GAP is currently strengthening their work on an international level, by consolidating and deepening the collaboration within the national and international network. This is called the GAP Academy project.



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