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Employee Engagement Program (EEP)

The Employee Engagement Program, EEP, is a program designed and developed by GAP International, in which client organizations are supported to engage their employees in a set of actions for a more sustainable workplace.


The EEP targets senior management in organizations with sustainability ambitions. That is, any company having goals, policies or strategies in areas that go beyond 'business as usual' e.g. (Corporate) Social Responsibility; Zero Emissions, climate neutrality; Sustainable Development


To bring about employee behaviour changes in line with the company’s ambitions, and to lay the basis for continuous future improvements

What and When

The program is usually delivered to a specific workplace by a GAP-accredited consultant. A multinational organization may choose to train in-house consultants to deliver the program world-wide. The introduction course (e-learning) is available for free on our web campus.

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