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Comics program in the Ukraine

Drawing for Sustainable Lifestyle – Ukraine

Teachers for Democracy and Partnership

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Drawing for Life (Comics for Sustainable Lifestyle ) is a program developed by the international NGO network Global Action Plan International with the support of the Swedish Institute, and in cooperation with several organizations in Belarus. From Belarus the program has already (2012) spread to Kosovo and India. The program is currently conducted in Ukraine together with a local Ukrainian NGO: Teachers for Democracy and Partnership.

An early Belarusian attempt to use comic books in environmental education was launched on International Water Day in 2002, with a comics contest among school children learning French. Lydia Pshenitsyna drew ‘water’ stories told by two young environmentalists, and invited students to come up with the end of the story. This contest aroused great interest and participants drew their own stories, in French, about water protection. However, the competition was a short-term phenomenon, and there was no follow-up.

In 2007 Global Action Plan, in the course of a project meeting in Belarus, asked about interest in exploring comics as a tool for education for sustainable development. Subsequently a first workshop was held in Minsk in 2008 for professionals and students. Esbjörn Jorsäter, Swedish comics teacher, and Marilyn Mehlmann, Global Action Plan International, designed the workshop, which was supported by the Swedish Institute, especially program officer Judith Black.

In 2012 GAP  International invited Ukraine to take part in the Belarusian project. TDP organized a seminar for Ukrainian teachers and trainers on possibilities of using comics as a tool for teaching different subjects. After the seminar, participants conducted workshops in their regions for local teachers. The  teachers expressed great interest in this methodology and requested more seminars to further explore and understand the methodology.

After the initial workshop, the initiative has come from teachers who are members of TDP. GAP's major commitment is to develop a networking environment where knowledge and experiences can be shared. The project therefore builds on the successful collaborative effort in the ESDA project.The results of the ESDA project and the 'Drawing for Sustainable Lifestyle' seminar inspires the teachers to continue participating in initiatives that are introduced by GAP and TDP.


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