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Empowering Coaching

Leadership, mentoring, coaching, tutoring… The increasing use of such concepts indicates an awareness of the importance of personal interaction in bringing about desired change. In sustainable development, a challenge for coaches is the apparent paradox:

  • To be able to hold on to a vision of a more sustainable society, and at the same time
  • To let go of any expectations that the person coached will choose to respond in any particular way

This is what we mean by empowering coaching. The person or group being coached is supported to extend and use their own understanding of the power of their own actions.


If you are formally or informally coaching people to adopt more sustainable habits, these workshops will help you to balance detachment with commitment, as a route to effective coaching.


Each workshop builds upon the experience and needs of participants – “The participants are the curriculum”. It is highly experiential, and the exercises are derived from participants’ own situations. Course material is subsequently tailored to what actually happened, so that each workshop group receives a ‘manual’ reflecting their own experience.

What and when

Workshops are normally planned for 2-3 days. Because of the flexible approach it is possible to attend more than one workshop with incremental effect.

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