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ESD in Action, Ukraine: Phase 2

Education for Sustainable Development in Action – ESDA-2

Teachers for Democracy and Partnership

Financed by:
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA
There is a booklet summarizing Phase 1, the first three years of ESDA.
Results or the first year of Phase 2 is presented here

Contact person:
Laras Piniji

Environmental sustainability pre-supposes a change in daily habits: that large numbers of people actively save resources and take other environmental action, which in turn presupposes cooperation across geographical, social and ethnic borders.

GAP’s highly successful programs for long-term behaviour change (research reports available) are dependent on delivery through channels that are trusted by the target population. In many parts of the former Soviet Union, such trust is not generally accorded either to authorities or to mass media. There is however still considerable trust in schools and teachers: when pupils give their parents a message from teachers, it is taken seriously. It was therefore a logical step to introduce GAP programs in Ukraine through schools.

In 2005 Teachers for Democracy & Partnership (TDP) became the lead member for Ukraine of the GAP international network, and began a series of cooperative projects designed to transfer GAP’s specific methodology to TDP, and also to contribute to the further development of the network.

Despite modest funding levels the projects have succeeded even beyond their goals. With GAP support TDP has developed and tested (in more than 80 schools around the Ukraine) a one-year curriculum of Learning for Sustainable Development – according to UNESCO, the first of its kind. Documented, long-term results, reported on request to UNEP in December 2007, include significantly reduced water use (by 11.3 %), electricity use (by 8.7 %) and garbage production (by 12.7 %).

The project Education on Sustainable Development in Action (ESDA) started in a small scale in Ukraine and in 2009 Sida offered to enlarge the project in seven oblast in Ukraine. The first cycle of ESDA project was from 2009-2012 and the current cycle starts from 2013 to 2015.

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