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5th International Convention of Environmental Laureates

On March 10-13, Marilyn was present at the 5th International Convention of Environmental Laureates in Freiburg, Germany. The event, hosted by the European Environment Foundation, provides a platform for winners of international environmental prizes and awards to exchange their ideas and experience on helping to shape environmental policies. Marilyn herself is awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2011 for her long-term efforts to involve individuals, companies and NGOs in acting sustainably.

Marilyn had a chance to present her ideas at the convention. Titled ‘Lifestyle, Happiness and the UN SDGs’, she proposed that GNH (Gross National Happiness). a socioeconomic development model with roots in Bhutan, can be an inspiration for the SDGs and also a key to developing conscious lifestyle. Marilyn also intrigued the participants with the question: can the combination of the SDGs and GNH be a key to happiness?

Text: LP, Photos: AM & EEF

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