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Learning for Change

The driving force behind the concept of Learning for Change is the perceived need to accelerate the building of sustainable human societies. The program has already been taught to participants from more than 40 countries. It is a book, a methodology, and a set of tools that can also be used individually. They are used by/in workplaces in all sectors: public, private, civil society. 


The program is primarily intended for educators and all concerned with project, program and curriculum design and delivery. However, it can be useful for any workgroup wishing to evaluate or indeed want to re-enforce or re-align their process.


The program accelerates the learning from experience, as a contribution to the global movement of education for sustainable development

What and When

International workshops for collaborative learning which are organized several times a year. Workshops for project assessment are available on request. The workshop offers a chance to exchange experience with others in a highly constructive and enjoyable way.

The take-home is at several levels

  • New ways to view your own experience, and use it to further improve future work
  • Tools for effective assessment and review of projects, team-work, on-going work programs
  • New contacts with people whose experience complements yours
  • Access to post-workshop professional coaching and facilitation


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