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Leading Edge

Since 1989 our programs represent a leading edge within the general topic of sustainable behaviour change. 

Research about members’ programs
Universities in several countries have studied GAP programs. The most detailed to date are from the University of Leiden, Netherlands, with a longitudinal study of the Dutch household EcoTeam program. See Publications for more academic reports.

Our own action research
We have on-going programs, using action research methods, to systematically learn from our experience and that of our member organizations. Current focus is mainly on

  • A pedagogy for ESD, resulting to date in a peer-reviewed article (in English) and a book (in Russian and English)
  • Empowerment and behaviour change, resulting in workshops and materials widely used within the GAP International network.
  • Learning strategies: how can people engaged in projects and programs for sustainable development more effectively learn from experience? The research continues, together with partner SWEDESD; interim results have been successfully taught in over 40 countries, and the methods documented in book form in English. Available as a pdf (6.00 €) from our Web campus shop or as a multimedia iBook (11.99 €) from the iBook store.

    Learning for Change - Marilyn Mehlmann, André Benaim & Vahram Muradyan

Other relevant research
We are actively searching, in partnership with other organizations, for funding to accelerate our research into learning from experience. We also take part in international fora and make relevant reports and papers available to members. In addition to our overall interest in empowerment and sustainable behaviour change, a present focus is on the rapidly-emerging field of sustainable or intentional economics.


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