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About Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan International is a diverse international network of organisations with the shared belief that radical changes to consumption are needed to address the pressing environmental and social challenges we face, and that people are key to achieving this. Each member organisation is an independent entity with full responsibility in designing and delivering appropriate programs, and for its own financing and financial management.
Network members all design and deliver behaviour change programmes that reduce our impact on the planet. These programmes use the latest research insight and are evaluated to measure impact. The network acts as the global catalyst; sharing the most successful approaches, tools and programmes with its members across the world who adapt them for local delivery. This allows the network to get proven approaches to scale quickly and effectively through coordinated international action.
Our programmes all incorporate three fundamental GAP values which come from the network’s 25 years experience in effecting lasting change:
1. We are aspirational: 
  • We share a positive vision of a more sustainable world where caring people live in just and inclusive societies respecting planetary limits. 
  • We don’t try to scare people with stories of doom and gloom.
2. We empower people: 
  • We believe people are fundamental to creating a more sustainable world and empower them to make changes to the way they live and work. We meet people where they are and help them to find their own motivation to change.
  • We don’t judge and we don’t direct.
3. We are impactful: 
  • We design programmes that use the latest research insights to create measureable and lasting change
  • We don’t look for short term solutions or conduct research that isn’t action focused.


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