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Notes from the World Resources Forum 2013

Marilyn Mehlmann reports
The World Resources Forum 2013 was an intensive experience, and (as anyone following me on twitter will be well aware!) produced a huge number of quotable statements. Like ”A tenfold increase of resource productivity was regarded as feasible.” And “Sex will save us,” a speculation that new mating rituals may downplay conspicuous consumption in favour of Likes. More in the press release with conclusions.

It was also somewhat frustrating. Partly because of its own success: an embarrass de richesses with 22 workshops and an uncounted number of scientific sessions to dither between. And partly because more focus than previously was on psychosocial factors (great!), but in a bitty, piecemeal way. Well, maybe that’s inevitable as a beginning. My own contribution was a modest 8 minutes in plenary, here's an article.

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