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SIME Stockholm – and a beautiful story

First time at this HUGE international media conference. Top names in the media world in quick succession on stage, on screen – even via hologram! Informative, entertaining, intensive, and sometimes way over my head. There were special sessions for NGOs. As usual, the main take-away was the people.

Encouraging, for this NGO participant, was to hear so many media people talking about topics related to our own focus areas: sustainable development, social responsibility, behaviour change. Loved hearing the head of Angry Birds say he’d like to contribute to ‘cleaning up China’. And the head of Bonnier Growth Media talking about learning from experience – another of our favourite topics.

Then there’s the beautiful story. A new company, Beautiful Stories, was launched at the conference. Their business idea is to contract well-known (Swedish) authors to write stories for or about organizations – companies, NGOs, others. They had a competition to donate a story to an NGO – and Global Action Plan [Marilyn; editors note] won! So… watch this space.

Big thanks to Thérèse Engström of the NonViolence Project for organizing the NGO section and inviting us.

Marilyn Mehlmann

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