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International members meeting, training and AGM in Spain

On 25 to 29 March, 28 people from eight countries within GAP Community gathered at a conference center in Miraflores outside Madrid, with a combined agenda of CELLS project training, the International exchange meeting and GAP’s annual general meeting (AGM).

CELLS is a EU-funded collaborative project with 6 participating members organizations from 5 countries. The main purpose is to improve the flagship program of Global Action Plan, the EcoTeam program. Examples of improvement are updated and new topics, long-term results tracking, EcoTeam online platforms, and smartphone apps.
Using Learning for Change, a toolkit for collaborative learning and project evaluation, developed and used within GAP and also externally, we extracted what we learned so far in the CELLS project. With the aid of Open Space technology we identified topic areas of interest and formed groups to explore them deeper. The results we harvested were both rich and rewarding.
The Annual General Meeting was held successfully with online access for those members that couldn’t attend in person. The annual report and financial report were approved and a new board was elected.

During the meeting, our Ukrainian colleagues told us briefly about the current situation in Ukraine
and their resolution against Russia.

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