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Unique system for global measurements of behaviour change

In GAP International's ongoing effort to engage large number of people all over the world in behaviour change programs, we are now launching a web based global data collection system we call Made to Measure.
M2M is designed to provide an interface to our nationally and culturally adapted programs in such a way, that results from the participants in different countries on the globe can be reported and aggregated to show global behaviour change results, both quantitative (resource savings) and qualitative (behavior change).

The project is financed by the European Commission, the Swedish international development aid (SIDA) and Global Action Plan International.
Particular strengths of the system are:
  • ability to bridge cultural and geographical differences (in life style and people's circumstances)
  • provide immediate personal feedback combined with international statistical dimensions (supply some of the empowerment elements of the program)
  • make available national and international statistics to researchers and decision makers, on adopted changes in lifestyle through GAP's empowering programs, 


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