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The FAct! project

Food Actions!

Participatory learning and training package for food-wise households
Ageement n. 2015-1-SE01-KA204-012260
This project is funded with support from the European Commission

The project group at the kick off meeting in Monteveglio, Italy - at an organic farm engaged in eco-tourism. A very educational setting for this group!

'Food is essential to life. It also forms an important part of our cultural identity, and plays an important role in the economy.' says a a report from the European Commission. 'Food systems contribute 19%–29% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions' according to Annual Review of Environment and Resources. Therefore, addressing food challenges contributes to some central topics of the EU: climate and environment, cultural integration and a more dynamic and vigorous economy.

The usual question is, where to start? Our answer in this project is: …with each individual adult who wants to learn how to take actions to alleviate food problems.

So the primary target group of this project is all adult learners in EU who want to learn what they can do to address food challenges. The first output is a self-learning workbook for individual adult learners. This workbook, like others in the GAP library, is intended to produce long-term impact and life-long learning experiences through action and measurement. The method is based on our decades of work with education for sustainable development.

The book will not come alone. We are producing two complementary outputs: training modules for coaches, and an online resource library.


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