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Training and coaching

More than two decades of action research, with members running GAP programs in 20+ countries, gives a broad theoretical and practical base. We offer the resulting methods, skills and tools to all practitioners, on a Creative Commons basis.


Methods are general but sustainability content needs cultural adaptation. We train and support our partners to rapidly develop their own content.
Books, videos and other documents based on our methods are available at low cost or free.


We partner with our member organizations to tailor and improve programs.
We partner with business and other organizations to enhance impact and scale up.

Join us.

7th National Conference and 1st Sustainable School Award in Ukraine

It is the 7th year in a row that our partner, Teachers for Democracy and Partnerhip (TDP), holds national conference 'Theory and Practice for Education for Sustainable Development'. This conference is part of our ESDA project (education for sustainable development in action) and it is an opportunity for all teachers and coordinators to meet up face to face to discuss and exchange ideas for ESD. Since 14 regions in Ukraine are involved in this project (31,000 students in 2013), it is a precious opportunity for our coordinators and teachers to get together.

Global Action Plan International at World Resources Forum, Davos

Marilyn Mehlmann, general secretary of Global Action Plan International spoke at World Resources Forum in Davos Switzerland. Main conference topics were "Resource Efficiency and Governance“, "Sustainable Business and Industry“, “Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure”, and “Lifestyles and Education”.

Coach Training workshop in Cork, Ireland


The EcoTeam programme supports households to reduce their impact on the environment and to save money. The programme is a unique adult education initiative that has run in Europe since 1990 and has spread to 20 countries worldwide. This training programme is aimed at those who are interested in becoming EcoTeam coaches to deliver the programmes in their communities. This training will be organized by our member organizations in Ireland, Global Action Plan Ireland and Cork Environment Forum, and led by head of trainer of Global Action Plan International. Our member organization TDP from Ukraine will also participate.

75th birthday conversation

A conversation on age, life views and values, with Marilyn Mehlmann on the occasion of her 75 birthday. Marilyn is the general secretary of Global Acton Plan international. Other people in the conversation are from the GAP International secretariat.

This is the first podcast in a planned series of conversations from GAP. 

EcoTeam coach training in Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine

The EcoTeam concept, supported by CELLS project, is now spread in Ukraine. It is important especially under the on-going Urainian crisis. Two EcoTeam has been implemented before this training and got very good results (attach the attached picture in the current email) and with experience EcoTeams in Ukraine are expected to have more results. National trainer from Budapest Erika Karman, who is also involved in CELLS project, will take part in this training too.

Empowering Program Design in Stockholm (in Swedish)




Kurs i programdesign för hållbar utveckling

Vi tänker rivstarta hösten med en tvådagars utbildning för dig som vill lära dig mer om hur ett program som leder till hållbara beteendeförändringar bäst bör designas. Kursen leds av mycket erfarna workshop-pedagogen Global Action Plan International och organiseras av Global Action Plan Sverige.

Unique system for global measurements of behaviour change

In GAP International's ongoing effort to engage large number of people all over the world in behaviour change programs, we are now launching a web based global data collection system we call Made to Measure.
M2M is designed to provide an interface to our nationally and culturally adapted programs in such a way, that results from the participants in different countries on the globe can be reported and aggregated to show global behaviour change results, both quantitative (resource savings) and qualitative (behavior change).

The project is financed by the European Commission, the Swedish international development aid (SIDA) and Global Action Plan International.

International members meeting, training and AGM in Spain

On 25 to 29 March, 28 people from eight countries within GAP Community gathered at a conference center in Miraflores outside Madrid, with a combined agenda of CELLS project training, the International exchange meeting and GAP’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Global Action Plan UK is restructuring

Quite a job opening: Global Action Plan UK is restructuring - and looking for a new 'managing partner'. 

New GAP book – ESD Dialogues

Now available on the international book market, also as an e-book! An empowering pedagogy -- from the back-page note by Frans Lenglet, Director, SWEDESD:

"If you want to get excited and inspired to put Education for Sustainable Development into practice, 'ESD Dialogues' is an excellent place to start. 

"The book is a rendition of an ongoing 'learning journey' by two highly experienced educators, coming from quite different traditions and perspectives.  In its content and form the book embodies ESD’s strengths and promise. This can be captured in such keywords as: inviting, energizing, thought-provoking, empowering, action orientation, collaborative knowledge production, transformation. During the learning journey, horizon-widening insights and innovative pedagogical approaches and techniques emerge."


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