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Products and Services

Products and services from GAP International

Our major programs are in the form of workshops, materials and consultancy. View the Event Calendar for details. 

  • Community Resilience: A program to identify and develop opportunities for a municipality or other community to develop better long-term sustainability, including economic resilience. Contact us for more information.
  • Drawing for Life: Comics as a tool for learning for sustainable development. Take a look at the collection of resulting comics
  • EEP, Employee Engagement Program: An effective tool for consultants working with workplaces to improve sustainability and social responsibility; available as an e-learning professional development course on our web campus – see the free introduction course
  • Ecodriving: Teaching drivers how to make the best use of modern vehicles
  • Empowering Coaching: Empowering coaching and workshop facilitation
  • Empowering Writing: How to formulate text that is likely to empower behavior change 
  • Learning for Change: A toolbox for collaborative learning and for project assessment. Workbook available as an iBook and as a pdf from our web campus shop.
  • Program Design: Design of effective, long-term behaviour-change programs

On our growing web campus we offer webinars, professional development for Sustainability practitioners and documentation on line.

Cultural adaptation

Our members’ programs and program materials are always adapted for the local or national culture. The core of our Program Design workshop for member organizations is cultural adaptation: how to create locally appropriate and effective materials while retaining and even enhancing the materials inherited from other members.


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