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Program Design

Since 1991 GAP International has used an action research approach to understand how and why behaviour change programs succeed. This learning has been distilled into a set of principles for the design of empowering behaviour-change programs, i.e. behaviour changes that build on conscious decisions and continue long after the end of the program.


If you are responsible for implementing a program intended to empower more sustainable behaviour, this approach can help you fine-tune the program to improve long-term results.

If you are responsible for designing a program intended to empower more sustainable behaviour, the principles can make the design process faster and more effective.

What and when

There are two main ways to access this know-how:

  • Bring a case study of your own to one of our open workshops
  • Receive support to use the method within your project team

Open workshops can be organised on request. They normally last for 2-3 days and the principle orientation is to tuning up existing programs.


Support to use the method can be in the form of

  • Consultancy or coaching, by contract
  • Integrated into a ‘cultural adaptation program’ for an organisation aspiring to membership of the Global Action Plan international network
  • Combined with a ‘Learning for Change’ workshop to accelerate the rate and effectiveness with which staff can learn from their own and others’ experience

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